My Little Wonder Woman

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 6:31am by Remy Cruz

We want to give a big warm welcome to Maritza from Surprise you are a mom to Busy Mom Monologues!

Every mother has a story to tell! And she will be sharing hers with us today.


I am a mom that ‘didn’t know was pregnant’. With this experience I learned a lot.

Especially from my little Wonder Woman; my daughter.

She made me stronger and helped me be a better person.

And I thank her for that.


Not to care what others think.

Before I would care what I spoke, how I spoke, how I look or sounded. I would care what would people think of me all the time. It may have been instilled by mother in her ways from her country. She grew up in a very small town. Where everyone knew everyone and everyone knew what was going on with this neighbor or that neighbor. When she came to the states and had me she basically drilled that on me. I’ve recently come to realize where it came from.

After having my daughter, I’ve grown to care less and less what people think. I’ve learned to laugh it off. And remind myself that people always make mistakes; small and big ones.  Now I can do funny noises or make silly faces for my daughter in public without worrying. That stress is gone. No more overthinking it.


Being more outspoken.

Before having my daughter I wasn’t as outspoken as I am now. Not saying I was completely a wallflower. I spoke when I needed to but not when I wanted to. Gave my opinions when I thought it was okay for me to say so.

After my daughter was born it changed. I am a bit more direct and tell it as it is. Don’t really have time to dance around the truth.

 To being more patient.

Before having my daughter I was patient but now I have a different level of patience. This patience is not given over night. You learn it with time. I remember getting frustrated and getting impatient with my daughter at times.

My kid tested my patience and by doing so taught me in being more patient. We as parents live and learn.


Appreciating the now.

 My daughter was in the NICU for almost two weeks! I know there are babies in the NICU for far worse conditions. And I thank my lucky stars that she pulled through and turned out healthy considering the circumstances! As she grows she teaches me to appreciate the now; the outside, the laughter, being a family. Before I had my daughter I didn’t give a chance for the now. I was always thinking of the future or whatever was pending. Working, school, volunteering or something else. Never really taking a breather. I always liked to stay busy. But not really taking the time to really appreciate life.


 I hope to learn more from my little wonder woman in the future.

 As I hope she learns from me and becomes a better version of me when she is older.


Remy Cruz

Remy Cruz

She is regular mom, with ups and downs, and crazy meltdowns. She writes, rewrite, band her head against the wall, while trying to run her house and focus on editing and reedit articles for Busy Mom Monologues™. She doesn't consider herself a soccer mom, but last year found herself taking her little boy to his first soccer game and his oldest son told her "You are officially a Soccer Mom".

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  1. Christopher James November 26, 2013 at 11:36 am -

    And your wonder woman is equally blessed to have a wonder mom like you.
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  2. Maritza Guzman January 2, 2014 at 8:32 am -

    Thanks Christopher! 🙂